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Contemporary and traditional Yang Style Tai Chi plus Qigong

Teaching since 1994

We welcome you to join us at Yang Style Tai Chi Auckland NZ. The Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan is the most widely practised style in the world. With its characteristic gentle, graceful and expansive movements it is suitable for most people of any age and level of fitness.

Our classes are located in Central Auckland. The Tai Chi for All classes teach the standardised contemporary Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan with a separate class available for Traditional Yang Style Tai Chi Chuan.

The class programmes are structured to suit all levels of Tai Chi Chuan practice. A comprehensive range of routines is offered, from the simplified forms for beginners to the competition routines for the advanced. Previous experience is not required. We teach Tai Chi Chuan starting with the basic techniques, the building blocks, with step-by-step instructions given to new beginners. 

The performance of the Tai Chi forms are guided by Yang Chengfu’s Ten Essential Principles to ensure correctness. When practised correctly and regularly the benefits of Tai Chi Chuan are extensive.



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David Wong


Contact details

Mob      027-475 4162


Foundation pupil of Master Khoo Kok Hua, Malaysia (1978)

Member of

New Zealand National Tai Chi Chuan Association Inc

New Zealand Kung Fu Wushu Federation Inc

Auckland Wushu Association, Executive

International Yang Family Tai Chi Chuan Association, New Zealand: Auckland Group

National, Australasian, Oceania & World Championships Tai Chi Gold Medallist

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We advise the rolls of the Tai Chi classes (except the Tuesday evening class) have reached capacity and we are sorry that any further new and or past students cannot be accepted until vacancies become available. You are welcome to register your interest and to reserve a place in a class. These measures are necessary as we continue to maintain a safe environment for the Tai Chi classes.

Updated 7 August 2020

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